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Two Wests & Elliott

Two Wests & Elliott
Two Wests and Elliott provide quality equipment for the greenhouse and garden. With 40 years of experience, they specialise in the manufacture and supply of great quality gardening sundries, from fruit cages to greenhouse accessories and propagators. They aim to provide the best customer service possible whilst delivering excellent guidance and information.

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Top Products

 Two Wests & Elliott Propagator      Window Sill Propagator - £34.99

Two Wests & Elliott - Jiffy Pellets      Jiffy 7 Pellets - From £3.40

Two Wests & Elliott Cloche      Pack of 3 Popular Bell Cloches - £11.99

Two Wests & Elliott Seed Trays      Economy Seed Trays - From £8.60

Two Wests & Elliott Plant Pots      Economy Pots - From £4.95

Two Wests & Elliott Raised Bed      Raised Bed Border - From £27.99