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Bauhinia purpurea (Orchid Tree) seeds - RP Seeds

Bauhinia purpurea (Orchid Tree) seeds


The Orchid / Butterfly Tree is native to South China and southeast Asia and earns its name from its remarkable orchid like flowers and large, butterfly shaped leaves. The beautiful, purplish-pink flowers appear all summer long and give off a lovely, sweet fragrance. Will only tolerate a very light frost and as such makes a fabulous houseplant which can be moved outdoors in summer. Suitable for outdoor growing in mild areas with winter protection. An ideal plant for containers as it can be pruned to any size and also well suited to Bonsai training.

Half Hardy Shrub/Tree (to 0C)
Height: Prune to keep small, 3m if left to grow
Flowers: Summer
Position: Lots of sun and well drained soil

Packet of 10 seeds



Pre-Sowing Instructions:  Soak seeds in warm water until they start to swell slightly.

Sowing Instructions: Sow at any time of the year. Sow well-spaced and approx. 6mm deep in an equal mix of vermiculite/perlite and good quality seed compost, eg. John Innes. Seal inside a polythene bag or place in a propagator and maintain at 22 – 26C. Germination takes from 3 to 6 weeks. Check the container regularly to make sure the compost does not dry out and open the bag/vents once the seeds start to germinate.

Growing Instructions: When seedlings are large enough to handle, remove them carefully from the container and pot up individually into 9-11cm pots. Grow on in cooler conditions (15-20C) in good, natural light, but avoid direct sunlight, re-potting as necessary.

In mild areas, Bauhinia can be planted out in the garden in a sunny position with winter protection. Otherwise, as a houseplant they like lots of light, regular watering, a monthly feed and annual pruning after flowering to restrict size. Can be placed outdoors in a sheltered sunny spot in summer.

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