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Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm) seeds - RP Seeds

Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm) seeds


Centuries old Cycad species from Japan & Korea which makes a dramatic impact on any garden with its lush, green shuttlecock effect leaves. Also very happy as a houseplant where it will not outgrow its space. Mature plants are hardy to -8C, young plants will need winter protection with a fleece jacket.

Hardy Cycad (Hardy to -8C when mature)
Height: to 4m, smaller indoors
Position: Full sun in well drained soil

Packet of 5 seeds



Sow at any time of year.

Pre-sowing Treatment: Soak the seeds until the seed coat splits (this can take several weeks or even months) changing the water every few days preferably in a heated propagator, or on a sunny windowsill or above a radiator.

Sowing Instructions: When the seed coat splits, place in small pots of moist seed compost mixed 50:50 with vermiculite. The seeds should be half buried lengthwise with the split just visible at soil level. Place in a propagator or cover with a polythene bag and place in any other warm place (eg. on a windowsill above a radiator).  Palm seeds often make a large root before a shoot so carefully check seeds regularly. When a root appears, pot up individually into 9-11cm pots. Germination can be erratic but should take place in 1 – 3 months.

Growing Instructions: Grow the seedlings on, re-potting as necessary and protect from frost for the first couple of winters. Harden off completely before planting out in a sunny, sheltered position away from strong winds which can tear the leaves. Protect with bubble wrap and/or a fleece jacket for the first few years and in very cold temperatures.

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