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Meconopsis regia (Nepalese Poppy) seeds - RP Seeds

Meconopsis regia (Nepalese Poppy) seeds


Unusual species from Nepal with magnificent rosettes of silvery, silky-haired foliage up to a metre across, and large bright yellow flowers up to 10cm in diameter. Truly lives up to its name; 'royal' !

Hardy Perennial
Flowers: Early summer
Height: 90-120cm
Position: Shade or semi-shade

Packet of 20 seeds



Sowing Instructions: Sow any time of the year except summer.

For sowings in winter to early spring: Sow onto the surface of a good free draining seed compost and cover very lightly with a sprinkling of compost so as not to exclude light completely. Stand the container/tray in a coldframe or sheltered spot outdoors. Keep the compost moist, protect from heavy rain, but not frost which is beneficial. After 5 weeks, bring into warmth of 13-18C and germination will take place.

For sowings at any other time: Sow as above but place container in the fridge instead of outdoors for 5 weeks, then bring into warmth of 13-18C.

Growing Instructions: When seedlings have 2 leaves, pot up individually into 8cm pots and grow on as cool as possible keeping them shaded from strong sunlight. When well established, gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions and plant out 46-60cm apart.

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