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RP Seeds Poppy Collection

Poppy Seed Collection


This lovely collection has been inspired by the surge in the popularity of Poppies this year and includes 6 of our best selling hardy perennial species.  Supplied in separate packets with a detailed growing guide for each:

    Papaver orientale Brilliant (Oriental Poppy) - 50 seeds
                                            Flowers: Summer. H: 75-90cm. Sun

    Meconopsis Lingholm (Poppy) - 25 seeds
                               Flowers: Early summer.  H: 90-150cm. Shade or semi-shade.

    Meconopsis Hensol Violet (Himalayan Poppy) - 30 seeds
                                            Flowers: June & July. H: 90-150cm. Shade or semi-shade.

    Meconopsis betonicifolia alba (Himalayan Poppy) - 20 seeds
                                            Flowers: June & July. H:60-90cm. Shade or semi-shade.

    Meconopsis cambrica Frances Perry (Welsh Poppy) - 40 seeds
                                            Flowers: May to October. H: 45cm. Shade or semi-shade.

   Meconopsis rupifragum Orange Feathers (Spanish Poppy) - 50 seeds
                                           Flowers: Summer. H: 45-60cm. Sun

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