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Sarracenia purpurea - Purple Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia purpurea (Purple Pitcher Plant) seeds


Fascinating insectivorous plant originating from North America with jug shaped leaves which they use to catch flies and many other garden flying life and crawlies, including slugs! Bears intricate flowers in spring which rise above the pitchers on tall stems and open up like little parasols. Robust and spreading up to 30cm, this species is the hardiest of the Pitcher plants, and is a fabulous addition to a bog garden. It will die back in winter, so if you prefer to admire it all year round, it is also happy as a houseplant. Easy to grow.

Hardy Perennial
Height: 30cm, Spread: 30cm
Position: Sun and wet, lime free soil

Packet of 25 seeds



Note: Water with rainwater or purified water whenever possible.

Sowing Instructions: Sow at any time of the year on the surface of a moist, free-draining peat based seed compost (eg. Levington) mixed in equal parts with vermiculite, or, for even better results, a specialist compost for carnivorous plants (available at any garden centre). Propagate at 23 to 27C in a propagator, greenhouse or on a windowsill indoors sealed in a polythene bag. Take care to keep the soil moist at all times. Germination should take place in 10 to 90 days.

Growing Instructions: Grow the seedlings on at around 20C keeping the soil moist. When large enough to handle, pot up individually into 6 – 8cm pots using carnivorous plant compost. They need lots of light and must be kept well watered. Can be grown outdoors in a sunny, damp spot or in a container. Can also be grown indoors as a houseplant and moved outside in summer if you wish. Will benefit greatly from being moved to a light, cool place indoors and watered slightly less for the winter as they grow better if they have a relatively dormant period.

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