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Wildflower Seeds in a Bottle - Flowering Lawn Mix - 6g

Wildflower Seeds in a Bottle - Flowering Lawn Mix - 6g


Give a unique gift!  A lovely glass bottle with cork stopper filled with 6g of wildflower seeds and presented in a kraft gift box.

Transform your lawn, or at least part of it!, into a beautiful wild flower meadow.  This mix contains nine specially selected species which do particularly well in lawns and will attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your garden.  Have a break from summer mowing, sit back and admire British nature at its best!

One 6g bottle will cover 3 sq m. 

Bottle dimensions: 66mm x 22mm.


Galium verum - Lady's Bedstraw    Galium verum - Lady's Bedstraw

Leontodon hispidus - Rough Hawkbit

Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy    Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy

Lotus corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil    Lotus corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil

Primula veris - Cowslip    Primula veris - Cowslip

Prunella vulgaris - Selfheal    Prunella vulgaris - Selfheal

Ranunculus acris - Meadow Buttercup    Ranunculus acris - Meadow Buttercup

Rumex acetosa - Comon Sorrel    Rumex acetosa - Common Sorrel

Trifolium pratense - Wild Red Clover    Trifolium pratense - Wild Red Clover



Sow in autumn or early spring at a rate of 1g/m2.

Prepare the ground
• Mow grass very short
• Remove perennial weeds
• Thin grass and create some bare patches/strips by raking or with weedkiller

• Seed can be mixed with dry sand or compost to make it easier to sow evenly
• Roll or tread by foot to press seeds into the soil
• In very dry weather, water the area with a fine spray

• Remove any obvious weeds as they appear
• Keep area well watered in dry weather
• Do not mow from spring to early autumn until plants have set seed. Mow as normal until early spring when new plants will emerge.



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