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Adenium obesum - Desert Rose

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) seeds


The Desert Rose is a native of Africa, popular as a houseplant and excellent for Bonsai. Succulent shrub with thick, fleshy stems and glossy, dark green leaves with a pink midrib clustered at the tips of the shoots. Produces showy pinky-red, funnel shaped flowers, sometimes as early as its first year from seed, in spring and autumn, though, if the mood takes them, some plants may bloom intermittently all year! Perfect for a very sunny windowsill.

Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit

Tender Shrub (min 10C)
Height: Slow growing up to 120cm
Flowers: Spring and autumn, or perhaps all year round
Position: Sun

Packet of 5 seeds

Caution! All plant parts toxic if eaten



Sowing Instructions:   Sow at any time of the year on the surface of a moist, peat-based seed compost, eg. Levington mixed 50:50 with vermiculite or perlite.  Just cover the seed with a fine sprinkling of vermiculite or perlite.   Seal in a polythene bag or place in a propagator and maintain an optimum temperature of 18-21C.  Germination should take place in 7 to 21 days. 

Growing Instructions:    When the seedlings are large enough to handle, pot up into small pots and grow on in slightly cooler conditions (about 15 - 18C).  Re-pot as necessary using the mix of 50:50 compost and vermiculite/perlite as Adenium prefer very well drained soil.  Keep well watered but avoid waterlogging.

Caution:  ALL plants parts toxic if eaten and the milky sap can cause skin irritation.

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