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Adenophora liliifolia (Lady Bells) seeds - RP Seeds

Adenophora liliifolia (Lady Bells) seeds


Beautiful, erect perennial, closely related to Campanula, with fragrant, bell-shaped, blue flowers on sturdy stems throughout summer and into autumn.  Still fairly rare in the UK and a lovely alternative to Campanula.
Hardy Perennial 
Flowers: Summer to autumn
Height: 45-90cm, Spread: 40cm
Position: Sun or semi shade in moist soil

Packet of 30 seeds



Sowing Instructions:  Sow at any time of year except mid summer.

Sow thinly onto the surface of a moist, free-draining seed compost in pots or trays and do not cover seed. Seal in a polythene bag and maintain at 10-15C. Keep the compost just moist at all times. Germination should begin to take place from 30-60 days. Germination can be erratic hence the need to sow the seeds thinly so that germinated seedlings can be removed and not disturb the remaining seeds too much.

Growing Instructions: Once the seedlings emerge open the bag to allow air circulation. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, pot up into 9cm pots and grow on, overwintering as necessary in a cool, well-ventilated place away from frosts. In spring, gradually acclimatise the young plants to outdoor conditions, then plant out 40 cm apart in a sunny or semi shaded spot in moist soil.

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