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Agave parryi subsp. parryi (Parry's Agave) seeds - RP Seeds

Agave parryi subsp. parryi (Parry's Agave) seeds


An exceptionally cold hardy Agave, one of the hardiest of all Agave species, ideal for growing outdoors in the UK.  Parry's Agave grows in a lovely rosette pattern with grey-green leaves with a spiny, brown or black tip.  A must have plant for the Mediterranean garden, it will thrive in a sunny, sheltered spot in very free draining growing medium.  Ideally plant in a gravel garden to minimise wetness at the roots in winter.  Reliably hardy to -5C but has been known to survive -20C if the roots are kept dry.  Will readily produce offsets which can be potted up and grown on into new plants.

Hardy Perennial (to -5C)
Height & Spread: 70cm
Position: Full sun in free draining medium

Packet of 10 seeds 


Sowing Instructions:  Sow at any time of the year. Sow very thinly in trays or pots of moist compost mixed 50:50 with vermiculite, perlite or horticultural sand/grit. Sow on the surface and do not cover seed as light is essential for germination. Place in a propagator or seal inside a polythene bag and maintain an optimum temperature of 18-21C. Germination should take place in 4 – 12 weeks. Note: Germination can be very erratic, so sow thinly and prick out the seedlings as they become large enough to handle disturbing the rest of the compost as little as possible.

Growing Instructions: Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7 - 9cm pots and grow on at room temperature in a brightly lit spot. When well established, plants can be hardened off in late spring (place plants outdoors during the day and bring back in at night for 10 days), planted in pots or in the garden in a sunny position in free-draining medium. A gravel garden is best and ensure the bottom of the plant is in contact only with gravel not soil to avoid winter rot. We advise a cloche or fleece jacket for the first couple of winters and moving pots to a frost free place for winter.


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