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Berkheya purpurea - South African Thistle

Berkheya purpurea (South African Thistle) seeds


Fast growing, handsome perennial from South Africa which was first described in 1838. Berkheya has spiky, jagged leaves which in themselves have great architectural value, and large, daisy like flowers in mauve, purple and occasionally white. Very well suited to use as freshly cut and dried flowers. Will do best in a hot, sunny spot.

Hardy Perennial (to -5C)
Flowers: June to August
Height: 40-75cm
Position: Full sun in well-drained soil or containers

Packet of 15 seeds



Sowing Instructions: Sow at any time of year. Sow on the surface of a moist, free-draining peat based seed compost and cover the seed with a fine layer of sieved compost or vermiculite. Seal in a polythene bag or place in a propagator or other warm place and maintain at 15-20C. Germination should take place in 2-3 weeks.

Growing Instructions: When the seedlings are large enough to handle, pot up individually into small pots (7-9cm) and grow on in well-ventilated conditions at about 13 to 15C. Overwinter the seedlings if necessary in a frost free place. When established, gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions before planting out in a sunny position.

It is a good idea to provide protection from severe or prolonged frosts in cold regions. Cover with a cloche or a thick layer of mulch once the plants have died back in late autumn, then remove in spring after the last frosts.

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