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Lathyrus odoratus Galaxy Mixed (Sweet Pea) seeds


Annual Sweet Peas must be one of the nation's favourite plants and a must for a classic cottage garden.  They are easy to grow and can be sown in autumn in a cold frame/greenhouse or sown outdoors where they are to flower in spring.  Grow them up supports and trelisses, over arches and arbours or let them scramble through hedges or shrubs - Sweet Peas are very versatile!

Perfect for beautifully fragrant cut flowers.

We stock a carefully selected range of Sweet Pea mixtures with something to suit everyone.

Galaxy Mix is a classic Sweet Pea variety popular for summer cutflowers as it is a prolific bloomer and very reliable.  This mix produces a beautiful range of colours including blue, red, pink and white with an exquisite fragrance. 

Hardy Annual
Flowers: June to September
Height: 1.8m
Position: Sun in moist, well drained soil

Packet of 15 seeds

Caution: May cause stomach upset if ingested



When to Sow: Sow October – March in a cool greenhouse or coldframe away from frosts.  Sow April onwards outdoors in flowering position.

Pre Sowing Treatment: Soak the seed until they start to swell – overnight is usually enough.

Sowing: Sow 1cm deep in good quality, moist, general purpose compost, 1 seed to a 7cm pot and maintain at 10-15C.  If a sharp or prolonged frost is expected, cover the plants with lightweight horticultural fleece.  Germination takes 20-30 days.

For outdoor sowings from April onwards, sow 1 cm deep directly into well raked, moist soil at the base of the supports.

Growing: When the seedlings have grown 4 leaves, remove the top 2 leaves to encourage bushiness.  Keep well protected from slugs and snails.  Grow on until after the last frosts, then when the plants are large enough, plant out in a sunny spot in moist, well drained soil.  Provide support for tall varieties with pea netting, trellis, bamboo cane wigwams etc..

Once the plants start to flower, keep picking the flowers and the plants will produce more and more flowers until the end of the season.

Caution: May cause stomach upset if ingested



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