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Moluccella laevis (Bells of Ireland) seeds - RP Seeds

Moluccella laevis (Bells of Ireland) seeds


Delightful annual plant with very decorative, long spikes of fragrant white to pink flowers with prominent green collars.  Makes a bold statement in the summer border as well as being perfect for floral art.  Excellent as both freshly cut flowers and dried flowers for longer lasting arrangements.

Half Hardy Annual
Flowers: August to October
Height: 60-80cm
Position: Sun in well drained soil

Packet of 100 seeds



Sowing Instructions:  Sow February – May for flowers from August to October.

Sow on the surface of a moist seed compost and just cover with a very fine sprinkling of sieved compost or vermiculite/perlite.  Seal in a polythene bag and place in the fridge or other cold place below 5C for 2 weeks. Move to a warm place or propagator and maintain at around 18-21C.  Germination usually begins after 14-21 days and can be slow.

Growing Instructions:  When seedlings are large enough to handle, pot up individually into 8cm pots and grow on in cooler conditions, around 15-18C. Gradually acclimatise plants to outdoor conditions before planting out in the garden in a sunny spot in well drained soil.




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