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Platanus acerifolia (London Plane) seeds - RP Seeds

Platanus acerifolia (London Plane) seeds


The London Plane is a versatile, fast growing tree very tolerant of urban pollution which will happily grow in a wide range of conditions. It has a large, leathery, maple-like, leaves which turn yellow & orange in autumn and attractive, mottled bark creating a camouflage effect as the tree ages.

Great for training as a Bonsai.

Hardy Tree
Height: 25-35m but can be maintained at any size 
Position: Anywhere

Packet of 30 seeds



Pre-sowing Treatment:  Soak the seeds for 24 hours.

Sowing Instructions:  Sow at any time of the year. Sow thinly on the surface of a good quality seed compost, firm well into the soil but do not cover the seeds. Place in a propagator or seal inside a polythene bag and maintain an optimum temperature of 20C.  These seeds germinate better with good humidity so try to avoid opening the bag or propagator lid except to water the compost if it starts to dry out.  Germination should take place in 4-6 weeks.  As the seedlings start to emerge, begin lowering the humidity by opening the bag/vents.

Growing Instructions:  Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm pots and grow on in cooler conditions (10-15C) out of direct sunlight, overwintering as necessary at a minimum temperature of 5C for the first winter.

Aftercare Instructions: When about 30cm tall, plant out in their final position, nursery bed or large container.


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