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Rubus fruiticosus - Blackberry

Rubus fruiticosus (Blackberry) seeds


Much loved (and hated!), thorny, fruiting shrub producing an abundance of delicious Blackberries from May to September. Grows just about anywhere and provides valuable protection for nesting birds and a habitat for a host of wildlife. In spring it will rapidly throw up arching branches and if you want to contain it, is best cut back to ground level in autumn after fruiting.

No more scrambling to reach those wild blackberries - grow your own!

Hardy Perennial
Flowers: Late spring, Fruit: May to September
Height: to 3m
Position: Anywhere

Packet of 50 seeds



These seeds have a double dormancy which needs to be broken before they will germinate, ie.they need to go through a process which simulates the changing seasons.

Sowing Instructions: Sow at any time of the year. Sow thinly in trays or pots of a moist, 50:50 mix of compost & vermiculite, lightly cover with compost or vermiculite and seal inside a polythene bag. Maintain an optimum temperature of 20C for 10 weeks, then place the container(s) in the fridge or other cold place below 5C for a further 12 weeks. Then, return to 18-21C and germination should take place. Throughout this process check regularly and ensure the compost does not dry out. If any seeds germinate whilst in the fridge, carefully pot them up as soon as they are large enough to handle disturbing the rest of the compost as little as possible.

Alternatively, sow as above, seal in a polythene bag and place in a cold frame or sheltered part of the garden and let nature take its course as the seasons change. (I personally find this gives the best results)

Growing Instructions: Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 9cm pots and grow on for at least a year repotting as necessary. Plant out in their permanent position and keep well watered. Prune after each fruiting season to keep plants under control. They can also be trained onto a frame if desired to make picking the fruit easier.

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