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British Native Wildflower seeds - Special Meadow Mix - 2g

British Native Wildflower seeds - Special Meadow Mix - 2g

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A special blend of a wide range of British wildflowers to create a unique wildflower meadow with a hugely diverse range of plants flowering from June to September. This special mix includes many species attractive to butterflies, bees and other insects. Plant heights vary to give structure and form and the mix includes 23 hardy perennial species all bred in the UK.

The mixture can be sown on bare soil or into existing grass and one 2g packet will cover 1 sq m on bare soil and 2 sq m on grass.


RHS Plants for Pollinators. 

The RHS Plants for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects. Find out more at



Achillea millefolium - Yarrow   Achillea millefolium - Yarrow

Stachys officinalis - Betony    Stachys officinalis - Betony

Centaurea nigra - Common Knapweed   Centaurea nigra - Common Knapweed

Centaurea scabiosa - Greater Knapweed    Centaurea scabiosa - Greater Knapweed

Daucus carota - Wild Carrot    Daucus carota - Wild Carrot

Filipendula ulmaria - Meadowsweet    Filipendula ulmaria - Meadowsweet

Galium album - Hedge Bedstraw    Galium album - Hedge Bedstraw

Galium verum - Lady's Bedstraw    Galium verum - Lady's Bedstraw

Leontodon hispidus - Rough Hawkbit

Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy    Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy

Lotus corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil    Lotus corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil

Origanum vulgare - Wild Marjoram    Origanum vulgare - Wild Marjoram

Plantago media - Hoary Plantain    Plantago media - Hoary Plantain

Sanguisorba minor - Salad Burnet    Sanguisorba minor - Salad Burnet

Primula veris - Cowslip    Primula veris - Cowslip

Prunella vulgaris - Selfheal    Prunella vulgaris - Selfheal

Ranunculus acris - Meadow Buttercup    Ranunculus acris - Meadow Buttercup

Rhinanthus minor - Yellow Rattle    Rhinanthus minor - Yellow Rattle

Rumex acetosa - Comon Sorrel    Rumex acetosa - Common Sorrel

Silene dioica - Red Campion    Silene dioica - Red Campion

Lychnis flos-cuculi - Ragged Robin    Lychnis flos-cuculi - Ragged Robin

Trifolium pratense - Wild Red Clover    Trifolium pratense - Wild Red Clover

Vicia cracca - Tufted Vetch    Vicia cracca - Tufted Vetch



Sow in autumn or early spring at a rate of 2g/m2 on bare soil or 1g/m2 on grass.

Prepare the ground
Bare soil:
• Clear all plant matter by digging and/or using organic weedkiller
• Rake soil to a fine texture and firm down
• Leave for a few weeks and remove any new weed seedlings
Existing grass:
• Mow grass very short
• Remove perennial weeds
• Thin grass and create some bare patches/strips by raking or with organic weedkiller

• Seed can be mixed with dry sand or compost to make it easier to sow evenly
• Roll or tread by foot to press seeds into the soil
• In very dry weather, water the area with a fine spray

• Remove any obvious weeds as they appear
• Keep area well watered in dry weather
• Bare soil: Clear area of plants in early autumn after they have shed seed, remove any weeds, rake and firm the soil. New plants will emerge in spring.
• Grassy meadows: Do not mow from spring to early autumn until plants have set seed. Mow as normal until early spring when new plants will emerge.


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Store seeds in a cool, dry place.