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Wisteria sinensis Blue (Chinese Wisteria) seeds - RP Seeds

Wisteria sinensis Blue (Chinese Wisteria) seeds


Vigorous, deciduous climber which is covered in spectacular racemes of fragrant lilac or pale-violet flowers up to a foot long in early summer, followed by velvety pods. A magnificent sight! Can be grown up buildings, trees or over pergolas and also makes an excellent Bonsai subject. Very easy to grow although can take several years to flower. Often used as rootstock for grafting Wisteria cultivars.

Winner of the Award of Garden Merit.

Hardy Climber
Flowers: Early summer
Height: If left, can grow up to 9m but can be controlled by pruning after flowering

Packet of 8 seeds.

Caution! Seeds harmful if eaten


RHS Award of Garden Merit

This plant/cultivar has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit because it has proved to be reliable in appropriate conditions and a good performing plant. For more information on RHS award of Garden Merit pants visit rhs.org.uk/plants




Pre-sowing Treatment: Soak in warm water for 12 hours or until the seeds start to swell.

Sowing Instructions: Can be sown at any time of year.  Sow 10mm deep in moist, free-draining seed compost in 9cm pots and cover with sieved compost or vermiculite. Seal in a polythene bag and propagate at 18-21C in good light but out of direct sunlight. Germination usually takes up to 21 days.

Growing Instructions: When seedlings have emerged, remove from polythene bags and grow on in cooler conditions – about 16-18C. Provide support as necessary and re-pot into 1 litre pots before planting out when large enough as conditions allow - generally late spring is best. Prune back to desired shape after flowering each year.

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